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Brass Sledge Hammer With Steel Handle 15lb - Hand Tools

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04 / 08 / 2023
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We are PT. ANDHIKA LOKA location at Jakarta one of supply and service company in oil and gas industry.

Detail Brass Sledge Hammer With Steel Handle 15lb - Hand Tools

Product Details
Brass Sledge Hammer with Steel Handle, 15 lbs / Model = McM 59805A36

Hammer Type : Sledge
Faces Replaceable : Nonreplaceable
Face Material : Brass
Face Shape : Round
Head Weight : 15 lbs
Face Diameter : 2 1/2"
Overall Length : 30"
Head Material : Brass
Handle Material : Steel
Grip Style : Textured
Handle Replaceable ; Nonreplaceable

Demolish material, form metal, and drive punches, chisels, and masonry drills. For demolition work, choose a hammer with a face that's harder than your workpiece. Longer and heavier hammers deliver greater impact.
20" and longer hammers can be swung with both hands to deliver a more powerful strike than shorter hammers.
Brass faces are suitable for striking steel, iron, and stone.
Steel handles are stronger than wooden handles but have less vibration resistance.
Textured and ribbed grips provide slip resistance.
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