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Electrical-Protection Gloves / Sarung Tangan Safety

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04 / 08 / 2023
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We are PT. ANDHIKA LOKA location at Jakarta one of supply and service company in oil and gas industry.

Detail Electrical-Protection Gloves / Sarung Tangan Safety

Product Details
Electrical-Protection Gloves Dielectric Rubber, Class 0 ASTM Rating, 11" Long / Model: McM#5333T79

Application : Flame Resistant, Electrical Protection
Garment : Gloves
Coverage : Full Hand
Flame-Resistant Application : Arc-Flash Protection
ASTM Voltage Rating : Class 0
Maximum Use Voltage : 1,000V AC
Length : 11"
Material : Dielectric Rubber
Texture : Smooth
Cuff Style : Open
Color : Black
Arc Rated PPE Category : Not Rated
Arc Rating, cal/cm2 : Not Rated
Features : Rolled Cuffs, Seamless Construction
Specifications Met : ASTM D120, NFPA 70E
Glove Size : 9
Size : L
Country of Origin : Malaysia

ASTM D120 rated for use when handling live electrical equipment, these gloves come tested and marked with the test date. You have one year from the test date to put gloves into service before they must be retested. Once in use, gloves should be tested every six months. All gloves meet NFPA 70E for protection against arc-flash hazards.

ASTM defines voltage classes for rubber insulating gloves. Before working with electrical equipment, make sure you have the right protection.
Protectors (sold separately) must be worn over gloves for ASTM compliance when working with live electrical equipment. Protectors should be the same size as the gloves they will be worn over. Goatskin protectors cannot be sold to Canada due to import regulations.

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